Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Up A Trust

Leaving a trust unfunded is one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you have a genuine, revocable living trust. Keeping reading below to discover how you can avoid this one big mistake almost every person makes when writing up a trust. If you're unsure of how to fund your current trust, we can help.

What Is Funding When It Comes To A Living Trust? 

Funding is the process of refunding the assets you own from your name to the name of your trust. We have a funding coordinator on staff that will sit down with you and help explain the importance of funding your trust while you're still here. We will also conduct free consultations and review your trust with you. 

What Are The Benefits Of Creating And Funding A Trust? 

Here are some excellent benefits of adding trust to your estate planning portfolio. 

  • Trusts may provide tax benefits for you in the future. 
  • Trusts offer specific parameters for the use of your assets.
  • Trusts allow for flexibility. 
  • Revocable trusts can help during illness or disabilities - not just death. 
  • Trusts may help to avoid the probate process. 

We Are Here To Help 

We will work with your bank, financial advisors, and more to ensure that your trust is constructed correctly with optimal funding. 

Contact us today by filling out the form below or clicking here. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you in ensuring your trust is properly cared for.

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